Friday, 3 January 2014

Cinema Trip

We had a family trip to the cinema today and we went to see Frozen. I must say I think the kids were far more excited about the popcorn and sweets we got them than the actual movie itself. Lyric has been to the cinema three times now and is fine, but this was Korben's second time and Scott had to take him out around two thirds of the way through. Once all the popcorn and sweets were gone he was bored, but to be fair I don't think the film was entirely his cup of tea. 

We're still on spot watch for Korben, but so far nothing. Google said fourteen days from infection to feeling ill so by that schedule he should be due to get spots by Tuesday/Wednesday. It was two weeks exactly when Lyric got it from her friend at school, so it's going to be right I reckon. I read 90% of kids exposed will get it if they've not had it before. 

We umm'ed and ah'ed about going to the cinema and sending Korben to nursery, but in the end we opted to just go with it. The all wise google says you're contagious only for a day or two before the spots and while they are blistering, so he won't be contagious til after the weekend and there's no nursery then for him anyway. We were all sick of being cooped up inside and probably have another few weeks of that ahead when he does get it!! 

So anyway we escaped for a while and it was nice! They were late to bed tonight though - after 8.15pm! Kind if looking forward to school bringing some routine back next week! 

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The End of The "Big Unit"

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end. 

Actually you weren't that beautiful Big Unit and you're certainly not my only friend. Cause that would be remarkably sad of me, and i'm sure there will me a medical name for people who personify and feel affectionate towards furniture.

Although you were an amazing gift of storage, you were an imposing, dark hulk. The Ikea Besta TV and Storage Unit overshadowing our living room with your large squareness and never looking tidy for longer than half a minute. You became the ultimate catch all for clutter, your shelves being so far out of the reach of children. It was too easy to place things atop your tallness rather than seek out proper, neat placement of items. 

So, we began to take it apart. See what we did after the jump!

Each time we took a section away we had to wait until that piece was in it's new location AND find a temporary home for all the mountains of stuff that was contained therein before we could take the next section away...

 But we persisted until there was nought but the little TV section in the middle left...

Aw, isn't it cute! This is the only section we got rid of - we just gave it away. The rest of the sections were used in other parts of the house. After all, good storage is as vital as breathing! Well, it is in our house where clutter seems to breed of it's own accord. 

But look! When i painted the living room i didn't move the Big Unit, i simply painted around it. And when we took out the fireplace Scott just screwed a big piece of plywood across the hole. In fact, part of the reason why the Big Unit was so big was because we needed a unit that would cover that fireplace hole so we didn't have to sort it out properly. 

Alas, these things have to be dealt with eventually so we got a professional in to plaster it up for us. 

Yes, that is a patch of mismatched carpet where the hearth used to be, but thankfully the new unit covers that up. Also, Scott patched in the skirting board. 

I have an actual real office space now with an actual DESK and everything

So my beautiful friend the Big Unit is no more. Former office in a cupboard, ironing pile storage, crafting stash holder and clutter catch all. Gone. And in it's place...

Why it's an Ikea Besta TV and Storage Unit of course!! 

Wasted Space to Memo Place

I had this completely wasted space right at the end of the high kitchen units. I have always thought i could do with doing something with that area, but never knew what exactly. The main thing was i didn't want to screw anything into the unit itself to spoil it, so many of my ideas fell flat.

But, i discovered something amazing while looking on Amazon. See what it was after the jump...

Monday, 30 December 2013

Merry Christmas 2013!

We had a lovely Christmas this year! There was a slight blip with Lyric coming down with Chicken Pox on Christmas Eve, but since both Nanas and Grandads and Great Grandad had already had the pox, and i confirmed that you can't catch shingles from someone with the pox we were still okay to go to my parents for Christmas dinner. Phew!

I didn't take many photos of the tree or anything. It kind of got to Christmas Eve after Santa had brought the presents that i kind of thought, "crap, i'd better take some photos of the room!"  Still didn't take many though.

The kids loved ALL of their presents, but what's the one thing they mentioned when they got round to Nana Jane and Grandad Les' house? The massive tube of Smarties of course!!

We went to Scott's parents house for a few hours in the morning, then back home to cook the ham and prep some veg. Then onward to my parents for dinner!

Christmas dinner was lovely at Mum and Dads. There was one comedy moment where i heard an "OH NO!" coming from Mum in the dining room. When i went to look it turned out the kids had taken almost every cracker from the dinner table and pulled them all while we were busy assembling toys. It was one of those times where you obviously tell them off because it's naughty but at the same time you're like, "well that's a story!" and trying not to laugh, but failing! Mum snapped a photo of the damage, but i didn't get one.

That's Korben specifying exactly which piece of the turkey he wanted while Dad was carving.

Try to ignore how rough i look, i was (and still am!) full of cold! The kids were not that happy to have their photo taken, and Lyric is covered in Calamine Lotion! Keeping it real folks.

Hope you had a good festive season this year!

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Feeling Disparate

I have a few blogs that i have been neglecting, but mainly this one and my home organising one. "What! You write a home organisation blog?!" I hear you say. Well, to be fair, it's less about how to organise and more about trying to get my bum kicked into being organised. I need a LOT of validation to get things done. I know this, and i'm okay with it.

Anyhoo, i haven't been blogging at all really, but i'm thinking of starting again and also thinking of combining my blogs into one. I think i imported my organising posts a while ago and then started separately again. I change my mind often!

But i also have other shiz that i wouldn't mind blogging about, like my photography and general rants and opinions on shiz. These things might not be appropriate to a blog called "Family Nelson." Not that i'm going to get all inappropriate and start effing and jeffing and getting my tatas out or anything, but just writing about stuff that is important to me, rather than just stuff about family on here and just stuff about the house on there.

So i'm thinking of changing the name to something else. I'm not very inventive with things like that so i would imagine it will be called "Sarah's Blog" or "Musings of a Sarah" or "Nello's Natterings" or similar. In fact, i think i already have registered, so it will more than likely end up being called that. I know, i know. I need to rein in that overactive imagination!!

I quite fancy having a faff about with the background and header too anyway, cause i am bored of this pattern.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Lyric Graduated!

Yeah, i know. No posts for months. It's not like i haven't had anything to post about, we've been wicked crazy round here for so long! I think i'll use that as my excuse - too busy! lol! Truth is, i could probably blog, but I always envisage it taking ages to do. Then i think "Oh that's such a massive job!" and don't end up doing it at all. So i'm timing myself on this one. I started writing at 21.00 which was nice and neat. Let's see how i get on. I guess there has to be pictures if it's to be a true representation of a typical blog entry...

So Lyric graduated from pre-school this week. They have a cute little ceremony where all the kids wear caps that they've made form paper plates painted black and square card. I had been bigging up this graduation since the week previous and Scott had booked the day off work so he could come.

Well, Lyric decided before we even set off that she didn't want to do it. She didn't want to go and she was morngy about the fact that we were taking her. On arrival the kids were invited to play outside while the parents waited in the room on their chairs. She wouldn't go outside. She had to sit with us. Fine.

Then before the ceremony she was needed in a separate room to get ready. Scott had to go with her and he was gone a while. Hmmm...

All the kids started filing out of the side room and sitting on the carpet together. They were all looking proud as punch and smiling and wearing their cute little caps. Then the lady in the doorway started faffing with a child just outside of my view, but i knew it had to be Lyric. Sure enough, when Lyric came out this is what i saw...

First of all, typical sods law that someone stands up in front of me just as she comes out, but to be fair her face was contorted in misery anyway. Like we'd asked her to walk through fire with pins in her eyes, rather than sit with her friends and receive a nice certificate. You can tell from the hunch in her shoulders in that photo above that she was having none of it.

She didn't sit with the other children. In fact, she wailed like a banshee and sat with me.

She made it quite clear that she wasn't going to wear her hat and that the only way she was going to the front was if i went with her.

As you can see she was less than cooperative for photos either. She knew daddy had the camera so she refused to turn around. I think she even shuffled back to her seat backwards. Look at the amusement on the nursery lady's faces! THEY know what she's like, and they couldn't hide their amusement!

The kid is stubborn!! There's nothing on this planet that could have gotten her to join in with this. Nothing. She decided she wasn't going to take part, so take part she did NOT.

She is a happy child, i promise. She just looks grumpy a lot of the time.

21:34 including a bit of photo editing. Not bad! ;)

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Has it really been over a year?!

My goodness, i really haven't blogged here since January 2012!

To tell you the truth, i have come back and looked in order to think of something to blog about, but i see Thomas' sweet face and nothing i can think of to say is worthy of taking his post from the top of the page. I know that not all of my blog readers are "real life" friends of mine, or friends of mine on Facebook, so you might not all know the sad news. Thomas Cammack passed away last year after battling so hard and so bravely with Neuroblastoma. I don't rightly feel like it's my place to make such an announcement, but like i said, i am aware that some of my readers might not know this already.

I think of Thomas and his family all of the time. If only thoughts could heal.


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